Dr. Mingxing Wei


Dr. Mingxing Wei  graduated from Beijing Agriculture University in China and has obtained his Ph.D. degree at University of Lyon in France. Then, he went to « Harvard Medical School » in Boston for post-doctoral training. Besides numerous published scientific articles, he obtained two large research grants. After coming back to France in 1995, Dr. Wei has joined two French biotech companies as a Project Manager and got his HDR degree (the highest university degree in France) at University Paris XIII. Since 1998, he is also a Training Specialist Officer for animal experimentation in France. Since 2014, Dr. Wei is also an Expert evaluator for European Commission. Dr. Wei founded the company Cellvax in 2001 and serves as an acting CEO for almost 20 years. Since this date, Cellvax has achieved a remarkable record as a service company, thanks to its expertise in different cancer and osteoarthritis animal models, as well as toxicity and PK/Biodistribution studies. Since 2018, Cellvax has performed large GLP toxicology / Biodistribution studies. The studies were performed by Cellvax team and inspected in 2020 by French authority ANSM. The study was declared in conformity to GLP guidelines. Consequently, the planned clinical trials of our clients started as planned. Cellvax has successfully collaborated with different European companies and academic laboratories. Numerous contracts have been granted and successfully achieved. Since 2007, Cellvax has successfully launched several large collaborative programs financed by European Commission. Not only this participation to large European collaborative projects has enabled Cellvax to develop its R&D activity, but also it has considerably increased its visibility in European countries, thus opening exciting perspectives for its future development.