Leonard Moise


Dr. Lenny Moise is Director of Vaccine Research at EpiVax, Inc. He received his PhD from the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University in Providence, RI in 2002. Following postdoctoral training and an instructorship in medicine at Brown University, he joined EpiVax, Inc. in Providence, RI in 2006 as Director of Vaccine Research. Dr. Moise leads T cell epitope-driven vaccine development programs using reverse vaccinology and structure-guided approaches that combine immunoinformatic and immunologic methods. He has led vaccine programs targeting influenza, HIV, TB, H. pylori, smallpox, tularemia and other pathogens. His research efforts also include de-immunization of protein therapeutics by epitope modification. With Dr. De Groot, Dr. Moise has been Principal Investigator/Project Leader and Co-Investigator on several NIH, DoD and foundation grants including NIH R01, R21, SBIR, and U19 grant programs. He will be responsible for the overall leadership and management of this project at EpiVax and will act as the key contact for all scientific aspects of the program.